After installing the application you need to select the Currency Updater Application within Salesforce and select the Setup Tab. Then you need to follow these steps:

1. Set the Authorization by clicking the Authorize button and allowing the application.
2. Select the tables to be updated.
3. Select the exchange rate source.
4. Set the frequency and time when Currency updater must run.
5. Press Schedule.

Why do I have to authorize Currency Updater?

Currency Updater needs to update your currency exchange rates. To update them, an administrator user is required. We don’t store your credentials in any place.

How do I change running user?

1. Log in to Salesforce with new user credentials.
2. Go to the Currency Updater Setup tab.
3. Click on the “Authorize” button and enter user credentials, if Salesforce asks for them.
4. Go to the “Schedule” tab and click on the “Schedule” button.

Salesforce Currency Management

In Salesforce, there are two types of currency configurations: Basic Currency and Advance Currency (Dated). The difference between using Basic Currency Exchange Rates and Dated Exchange Rates is that the former has no history associated with it. However, when your org makes changes to a Dated Exchange Rate, the history is preserved for tracking. This is especially helpful when exchange rates fluctuate significantly.
When a change is made to the Basic Exchange Rate, there’s no history logged about the previous rate. This change affects all opportunities, forecasts and other amounts that use the current conversion rate; something which can significantly affect profit projections based on opportunities stored currently in the system. This is more likely to have a major impact on large, multi-national companies than on small businesses.
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What are your currency sources? How accurate are they?

The information is taken from European Central Bank or Currencylayer, it is under your choice. For us, it is crucial to have as much information as we can to be as accurate as possible, but it is important to keep in mind that currency values might differ a little between suppliers and also depending on the time of the day they are consulted.

How many currencies does Currency Updater PRO support?

As many currencies as supported by our sources European Central Bank or Currencylayer.

European Central Bank Information

You can only use this source when your corporate currency is Euro.
Supported currencies are available here.

Services closed

Unfortunately, the services that Yahoo, Google, or Bloomberg offered have been closed and we cannot get information regarding the exchange rate. For this reason, all users who use those ones as a database source will be redirected to Currencylayer. Access to your Currency Updater configuration to choose the one that fits your needs.

When are currency values updated? Can I schedule the update?

Now, with Currency Updater Pro is extremely easy to configure and setup: you can schedule the update to run daily, weekly, monthly and at the time of the day you specify.

Update not running

Usually, this error happens when you have scheduled the update and the system schedules the job for the next day. Please review if you can view the job in Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs or Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs (check that you don’t have a custom view that could be filtering out the jobs).

Getting Salesforce error “rsf calculation in progress” in Currency Updater Logs

In some Salesforce Organizations, Salesforce doesn’t allow updating a currency due to external reasons to CUP (Currency Updater PRO). In this case, a Currency Updater Log with KO status will appear for each currency, with the following error “…can’t be updated on SF. Error: …”. This error occurs when Salesforce has to do multiples recalculations in many records with a currency field. When these recalculations are in progress, Salesforce doesn’t allow updating the remaining currencies.

Should this problem arise, we have already implemented a new feature that fixes it. Until all the currencies configured and located in the selected source are updated, CUP will execute the update process every 5 minutes for the number of hours selected on the section “Advanced Setup” of the “Currency Updater Setup” tab, as a maximum (5 hours default). You will see several records of the Currency Updater Log, one for each retry.

When you are getting this error, you need to take into account that the currency update will be delayed for some hours. Please, schedule the update within a sufficient time frame.

How often are the currency exchange rates updated?

When the update is processing, the system gets currencies from the Currency Type object (Basic), which have not been updated on that day. This means that only one update per day will be processed.

Configure Dated Exchange Rates on Custom Objects

1. Go to the Currency Updater Setup tab.
2. Go to the Custom Dated Exchange Rates section.
3. Select the Object Name.
4. Select the Exchange Rate field where you want to save the exchange rate value.
5. Select the Date Field.
6. Click Save.