Salesforce shows an Authentication error, what is happening?

You need to set up your Salesforce. Log in on the “Start Currency Updater” tab by clicking on the “Authorize” button. If the problem persists, please try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

I run a job and nothing shows up in the log, what is the problem?

When you setup the App, you can click on the “Schedule” button or on “Run now and Schedule”. If you clicked on “Schedule”, the process will execute on the next day. Please review Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs where you will find a pending job with the date / time when the process will run next.

How does Currency Updater’s Log work?

Every time the App runs at your scheduled time, results are saved on a system log. You can check in the “Currency Updater Logs” tab whether the rate update was unsuccessful, and see the issues found or see the exchange rates that came over when successful.

Why I have 2 lines with the same currency exchange

If you have enabled both currency exchange types (Basic & Advance), system will add one line for each of them. The first one will be the Basic and the second one the Advanced update.

Getting Salesforce error “rsf calculation in progress” in Currency Updater Logs

In some Salesforce Organizations, Salesforce doesn’t allow to updating a currency due to external reasons to CUP (Currency Updater PRO). In this case, a Currency Updater Log with KO status will appear for each currency, with the following error “…can’t be updated on SF. Error: …”. This error occurs when Salesforce has to do multiple recalculations in many records with currency field. When these recalculations are in progress, Salesforce doesn’t allow to updating the remaining currencies.

Should this problem arise, we have already implemented a new feature that fixes it. Until all the currencies configured and located in the selected source are updated, CUP will execute the update process every 5 minutes for the number of hours selected on the section “Advanced Setup” of the “Currency Updater Setup” tab, as maximum (5 hours default). You will see several records of the Currency Updater Log, one for each retry.

When you are getting this error, you need to take into account that the currency update will be delayed for some hours. Please, schedule the update within a sufficient time frame.

How does Currency Updater’s Log work for Custom Objects?

Logs will be stored in the Dated Exchange Log tab where you will find any errors that could be generated while attempting to update configured object records. If there is an error, please correct it and then press the Retry Exchange Rate button so that the update process tries to write the exchange rate again according to the established configuration.

Can’t find dated exchange rates for custom objects logs

The tab may not display if you already had the application installed and just made the update. Follow these steps to display the tab:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup.
2. Go to App Manager.
3. Go to the Currency Updater app, and click edit.
4. Add the Dated Exchange Logs tab.
5. Click Save.