How to install:

1. Go to our Appexchange listing.
2. Click on the “Get it now” button.
3. Enter your username and password for the Salesforce organization in which you want to install the package, and then click the login button.
4. Click on Install for Admin only (the update will run with the admin user who setup the app).
5. Follow the next configuration steps.

Do we have some days to test the application?
After installing Currency Updater, you will have a 30-day free trial.

Can we test Currency Updater Pro in a Sandbox org?
Yes, of course. You can work with Currency Updater Pro in any type of org and it is really easy to set up. Try it in your sandbox and install it in your preferred org. Just remember, you can only have one license by org.

Do I have to create a different user for Currency Updater Pro?
No, the application uses the SSO (Single Sign On) feature of Salesforce to make it easier for you. The main idea of this app is for you to forget that you have it. Just install it, set it up on a breeze, and let it work!