Demos & How To’s

At Axy7, we know that implementing the OKR methodology can be a challenging process for everyone in your organization: setting the right OKRs and creating a winning OKR culture can be difficult, not only for those at the C-level but also for everyone else in the company hierarchy.

That’s why, in our Demos and How To’s below, you will find useful examples that will help you learn how to successfully implement OKRs within Axy OKR, beginning with the creation of the annual Company Goal to the definition of key results, automatic report binding, and so on.

And if you need more information, contact us or learn more by exploring our website resources: user guides, training, FAQ’s, and more.


  • HR Managers: conducting 360-degree employee performance reviews within Salesforce

  • Engage your sales team

  • How to quickly adapt your organization to sudden market changes.

How to’s

  • How to create a Company Goal and the main OKR management structure

  • How to Set the Company Strategy and start the OKR process

  • Create an Objective and share it

  • Add Objective Contributors

  • How to create a key result

  • See the organization alignment in a Tree View

  • Share the OKR Dashboards and Reports folder

  • Enforce a maximum amount of OKRs for each user

  • Users Check in

  • How to perform a self-assessment and give feedback during a wrap-up

  • Convert a manager Key result into your own objective

  • How to create and visualize annual OKR periods

  • Bind a Key Result with a Salesforce Report for Automatic Tracking

  • Assign the right permission set to each Salesforce user

  • Set your strategy: next steps

  • Quickly create a Key Result

  • Use My Focus tab

  • Use Child objectives feature

  • How to Check Objective progress in time and achievement progress

  • How to create a one on one meeting

  • How to review and score an objective

  • Create and align your objective from the Tree View

  • How to change the frequency of automation reports

  • How to perform a check-in