How to’s Axy OKR

  • How to create a Company Goal and the main OKR management structure

  • How to Set the Company Strategy and start the OKR process

  • How to perform a self-assessment and give feedback during a wrap-up

  • Create an Objective and share it

  • See the organization alignment in a Tree View

  • Convert a manager Key result into your own objective

  • Add Objective Contributors

  • Share the OKR Dashboards and Reports folder

  • Enforce a maximum amount of Objectives and Key Result for each user

  • Bind a Key Result with a Salesforce Report for Automatic Tracking

  • How to Check Objective progress in time and achievement progress

  • How to assign the right permission set to each Salesforce user

  • How to create and visualize annual OKR periods

  • Quickly create a Key Result

  • Create and align your objective from the Tree View

  • How to review and score an objective

  • How to change the frequency of automation reports

  • My Focus tab

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