Let your team be creative and innovative, recognize their achievements and watch how this increases your business results.
With Axy OKR for Salesforce you can do this, and more.

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Product Overview

Create the best strategy for your Salesforce CRM and align it with Axy OKR.

  • Company Goal

  • Alignment Views

  • OKRs Supported Types

  • Objective Statuses

  • Forecast

  • Wizard to start

  • OKR planning & wrap-up

  • Quick OKR creation

  • Weekly Tasks

  • Kanban

  • Weight by Task

  • List Views

  • Gamification

  • Recognition

  • Team/Hierarchy Management

  • Objective Statuses

  • Pulse

  • 1-on-1

  • My Focus

  • Custom Questions

  • Reviews Cycles

  • 360 Reviews Management

  • Template Queries for Review

  • Employee Global Score

  • Reviews Dashboard

  • Peer Feedback

  • Notification Manager

How We Compare

There are dozens of OKR software out there and while many of them have a lot to offer, none of them compare to Axy OKR. This is because Axy OKR is completely built within Salesforce which means it inherits many of Salesforce’s benefits. Add in all the best OKR software features and a dedicated support team and you have a winning solution! Find out how we compare to all other OKR software in the table below.

Axy OKR vs. All other OKR Software


OKRs Management module helps to ensure the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization.
This module contains all necessary features to ensure the right adoption and use of OKRs in your Salesforce organization delivering Alignment, Tracking and Focus.

Company GoalStrategic Company LevelStrategic Alignment: A unique way to share a common yearly Goal
Alignment ViewTree View
List View
Best way to understand your team collaboration and alignment
OKRs Supported TypesCompany
Set OKRs for each organization level
Objective StatusesAchievement
Track Achievement, Time progress and General Status
ForecastForecast AchievementUnique automatic way to forecast achievement
Objective OwnerPerson
Team & Collaborators
Clear ownership means clear responsibility
Teams SupportCollaboration
Team Name
Flexible way to share ownership on an Objective
Progress TrackingAutomaticObjective progress measure by Key Results metrics
Progress AutomaticReport BindingUnique Feature for base progress on real result
Progress overdueNotificationsKeep on eye on due date
Closing ObjectiveClose Score
Self Assessment
Get feedback and Learn by scoring your OKRs each cycle
Cloning ObjectivesCloneSave time
Wizard to startCompany Goal & Periods & CEO OKRsSetup your year strategy in less than 1 minute
Quick KR creationQuick KRAdapt your OKRs at glance without losing time.
Convert KR to Child ObjectiveConvert KRPush for alignment in the Tree view by converting your manager KR into your own OKR
KR Supported TypesNumber
Measure Results or Activities
KR Reduce TypeInverse Type KRMeasure inverse progress
OKR are public by default but private Objectives are supported
Check in frequencyWeekly - customizeEasy weekly recap
Check In wizardCheck In wizardMobile first experience for recap your week
Check in remainderNotificationsPush notifications and Email
Check In Tracking ReportEmployee engagements trackingUnderstand who is engaged
Following OKRsFollow ChatterFollowing is key to correct ontime any change.
AnalyticsExecution Dashboard
Planning Dashboard
Wrap-up Dashboard
The power of data to understand your organization's progress towards a Goal from many perspectives.
Data to ensure alignment on time.
Data to push for learning.
Custom AnalyticsCustom OKR Reports
Planning CyclesPeriod
Export ReportsCSV and ExcelShare your reports with useful file extensions
My FocusStrategic-Tactic and execution moduleStrategic Alignment: A unique way to share a common yearly Goal
OKR Planning and wrap-upPlanning
Plan and wrap-up your OKRs
Quick OKR creationCompany OKRs
Team OKRs
Individual OKRs
Create new OKRs quickly and easily
Objectives UnlinkedPerson
Team & Collaborators
Best way to understand your team collaboration and alignment


With OKRS the company staff has a clear understanding of their tasks and responsibilities. A simple and clear visualization mixed with priority settings let the users navigate through their tasks, solve them or ask for assistance. In an OKR system, the staff can look at everyone’s goals and seed collaboration.

TasksComplete TasksOrganize your activities with the right context
CollaborationSalesforce ChatterUse the power of Chatter to interact with your team
Key Result Task BindingKR TODO TypeTrack Activities progress using To-Do typed Key results
List ViewsList Views / Home component / My FocusOrganize your daily basic work
VisibilityManaged by ObjectivesManage your tasks privacy
Week ViewList of week prioritiesMy focus week your attention on what matters
IntegrationOutlook & Gmail & MoreSync your tools
RemindersEvents & Task Due dateNever miss a deadline


Axy OKR also includes tools and features to handle the Employee interaction and organization to improve based on clear goals, the communication, the transparency and the engagement.
Helping the Employee to identify clearly who and how is contributing to the company success and professional development by tracking a career path, performing recognition and rewarding the committed employees.

Polls & Q&A
Use the power of Salesforce Chatter to interact and be connected with your team
Ask for feedback using polls or questions and answers
Team/Hierarchy ManagementRole HierarchyManage your organization hierarchy in a clear and secure way
Employee ProfileUser ProfileShare who you are
PulseWeekly Check InKnow how your employees are feeling
Engagement AnalyticsEngagement DashboardTrack real time the team engagement with your organization
GamificationRecognition & Awards & RewardsTrack the employee satisfaction.
Custom QuestionsQuestionsCreate questions that you can ask during the weekly check-ins
Career Pathcoming soon
Resource Plannercoming soon


OKR foundations are alignment, focus, tracking and learning. As part of CFRs, Performance Management helps to be clearly aligned with and keep a constant track on transparent feedback to help on learning.
One on ones and Quarters 360 Reviews are the basic manager tools to help the employee improve.
With AXY OKR the employees and managers can review cycles, scores and receive feedback. With this type of performance management solution the managers can track and focus all the employee’s work.

1.1 ManagementOne on One moduleImprove the communication by regulars and focus meetings
Ask for feedback using polls or questions and answers
Reviews CyclesPeriods & DashboardGet the most from OKR by Planning, Executing and Learning iteratively
Notification ManagerAxy OKR SetupManage OKR notifications for all users
Review 360Axy Employee ManagementGet 360 degree feedback and perform better employee performance reviews
CFR AnalyticsAxy Employee ManagementSee stats and reports about the conversations, feedback, and recognition (CFRs) that your employees are having
Custom Questions for ReviewsAxy Employee ManagementCreate custom questions for your employee performance review questionnaires


Since our application is 100% built using Salesforce native technology, we inherit most of Salesforce’s default capabilities such as Integrations. Each element of Axy OKR is able to be integrated with APIs or SDKs.
In addition to that powerful platform, there are hundreds of enterprise-level applications that integrate almost anything with Salesforce and Axy OKR.

Axy7 & Salesforce Integrations
Salesforce StandardFree Full APIOur platform is API First exposing all our functionality to integrate and extend your data
Rest / SOAP / Bulk
Mobile SDKSeveral programming languages are supported
Google / Dynamics / MS Teams
JIRA / TrelloIntegrate to help all your teams work better together
Mulesoft & ConnectorsUse the power of standard connectors to integrate your legacy systems with Salesforce and get real-time tracking on your OKRs


As part of Salesforce’s native solution, we have the power to customize Data, User interfaces and business logic to adapt our tool to each and every company workflow. This is key to properly implementing the OKR practice for your business.

UILayouts & Views and moreCustomize the way to visualize the information for your particular needs
DataFields and FormulasAdd new fields to support particular needs for your organization on top of our platform
Business LogicFlows & Custom CodeCustomize your particular business logic by creating Workflows on top of Axy OKR
SecurityProfiles and RolesCustomize the level of security you need to share properly the OKR and Employee sensitive information

System Security

Salesforce is the most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform. In order to be a certified Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor) company strict partnership requirements should be complied, including periodic security reviews.

Since our application “runs” within your organization we support this security and system features.

SSO & 2FADelegate and Federate authenticationSecure and simplify the access using single sign on and two factor authentication
Mobile SupportSalesforce Mobile IOs and Android
Offline support
Access anything from anywhere anytime
SecuritySalesforce high enterprise level
For more information access our section about Security
MultilangMultiple languages enabled
MulticurrencyMultiple currencies enabled

If you have a feature related question, comments or concerns please contact us.