Product Overview

Create the best strategy for your Salesforce CRM and align it with Axy OKR.

  • Company Goal

  • Alignment Views

  • OKRs Supported Types

  • Objective Statuses

  • Forecast

  • Wizard to start

  • OKR planning & wrap-up

  • Quick OKR creation

  • Weekly Tasks

  • Kanban

  • Weight by Task

  • List Views

  • Gamification

  • Recognition

  • Team/Hierarchy Management

  • Objective Statuses

  • Pulse

  • 1-on-1

  • My Focus

  • Custom Questions

  • Reviews Cycles

  • 360 Reviews Management

  • Template Queries for Review

  • Employee Global Score

  • Reviews Dashboard

  • Peer Feedback

  • Notification Manager

How we compare

There are dozens of OKR software out there and while many of them have a lot to offer, none of them compare to Axy OKR. This is because Axy OKR is completely built within Salesforce which means it inherits many of Salesforce’s benefits. Add in all the best OKR software features and a dedicated support team and you have a winning solution! Find out how we compare to all other OKR software in the table below.

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