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Automated Currency Updater Pro for Salesforce

Stop losing revenue.

Learn how

Have in Salesforce all your currencies’ rates updated periodically

Without manual intervention.

The #1 solution for Multicurrencies

Streamline exchange rate updates in Salesforce effortlessly with our powerful solution.
Customize update frequency, select data sources, and more to suit your preferences.

Basic & Dated Exchange Rates

Axy7 Currency Updater supports both basic and dated exchange rate changes. This versatility ensures that your organization can manage a wide range of financial scenarios with ease.

Easy Installation, Start & Go!

Simplify your life with a straightforward installation process. No need to worry about complex configurations; just install and start benefiting from immediate functionality.

Custom Objects Advanced Support

Currency Updater has a unique feature to support Dated Conversion Rates in Custom Objects.
Supporting CPQ and many financial Salesforce tools, our tool has this unique feature.

About us

AXY7 is a Certified ISV Salesforce Partner and expert on extending the platform’s functionality.

  • Fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds and available in the Appexchange

  • Focused on data quality and performance management

  • Delivers value and improves your Salesforce processes

Axy7 products

We are specialized in creating solutions through Salesforce Apps.


Tool to implement Objectives and Key Results methodology and management system. Openly sharing your company strategy and main goals, as well as encouraging the alignment and focus of the entire organization behind a common objective, will guarantee your success.

Axy Validator

Axy Validator provides you with both common and complex validations that are designed to improve your Salesforce data quality and maximize your business performance. The validation rules come from official organizations and standards and are always kept up to date.

Axy Employee Management

Get a better understanding of how well your employees are performing. Leverage your organization’s Salesforce implementation and use the best tool available to perform 360-degree employee performance reviews to promote alignment and commitment in your team.

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