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Our company focus is innovation relying on the excellent Salesforce Lightning platform whereby we extend and integrate quick and high valuable features to ensure business processes within the best CRM platform.

  • Lightning Ready Apps

  • Service Cloud®, Sales Cloud®, Community Cloud, EDA, NPSP

  • Cloud based using Heroku

  • Dedicated Premium Support

  • 100% Appexchange secure installation


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Axy OKR is the best tool to implement Objectives and Key Results methodology and management system into your organization.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) methodology is a widely spread strategy for goal setting within the best and high growth organizations. The purpose of OKRs is to connect company, team, and personal goals to measurable results while having all team members working together in one unified direction.

OKRs were first introduced and defined in Intel by Andy Groove. And nowadays are fundamental in guiding organizations such as  Google, LinkedIn, Intel, Zynga, Sears, Oracle…

Axy OKR is the app in Salesforce that allows your whole organization to work in the same direction (Alignment), with  common and clear targets (Focus), easily measurable (Tracking) and that motivates people to deliver the best of  themselves (Stretching).

Focus-Alignment-Tracking-Stretching are the characteristics of  good OKRs and as John Doerr defined  in his book Measure what matters, the “Superpowers” that OKRs provide to organizations

With Axy OKR and Salesforce, you push your company and your teams to the next level!

Axy Validator

Easy validation for your data. No need to work on complex Regex or checksum coding in Apex… Axy Validator will do it for you! From Credit Card numbers to European VAT numbers, including USA Social Security Number, Phones and IBAN. Every type of validations are prebuilt in just one App, ready for Salesforce Cloud and ready to increase your Data Quality.

We validate IBANs at the maximum level (with checksum) for the 75 countries using the IBAN numbering system and the 27 countries in the process of implementing it.

And for VAT , we validate it for the 28 countries of the European Union.

Don’t forget it is FOREVER FREE

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Axy Validator – Wizard Setup step by step



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