AXY7 is a Certified ISV Salesforce Partner and expert on extending the platform’s functionality

  • Completely integrated with Salesforce Clouds and available in the Appexchange

  • Focused on data quality and performance management

  • Delivers value and improves your Salesforce processes

Axy OKR Performance Management

Axy OKR is the best tool to implementing the Objectives and Key Results methodology and management system in your organization.

Openly sharing your company strategy and main goals, as well as encouraging the alignment and focus of the entire organization behind a common objective, will guarantee your success.

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Share, align, and track your company strategy within Salesforce


Proper OKR Management ensures that your employees focus their efforts on the same priorities throughout the organization in order to reach your goals and objectives.


Get a full overview of your OKR progress while reviewing a company goal with a complete set of tools such as lists and tasks organized by weight.


Increase employee engagement and the adoption of OKR best practices with a set of modules focused on alignment and teamwork.

Salesforce ISV

Axy OKR is completely built with Salesforce’s native technology so as a result, it inherits most of the platform’s default capabilities and security features.

Why Axy OKR?

  • Axy OKR is specifically designed for organizations with Salesforce adoption and is always kept up to date with frequent updates and improvements.

  • With it, you can take advantage of OKRs best practices which will promote the alignment of your team towards your company goals, improve the tracking and reporting of objective progress, increase the learning and understanding of your organization’s cycle-review process, and focus the commitment of your team on getting results and completing their OKRs.

  • Axy OKR will ensure that your whole organization is focused on a common objective while automatically tracking your results, enabling your remote teams to work with more time and freedom.

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Axy Validator: smart validation for your Salesforce data

Axy Validator provides you with both common and complex validations that are designed to improve your Salesforce data quality and maximize your business performance. The validation rules come from official organizations and standards and are always kept up to date.

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