Axy OKR: High-Performance OKR Management


  • Company Goals and Planning Periods

  • OKRs Alignment

  • Tree View

  • Automatic and Continuous Tracking

  • Dashboards and Reporting

  • One on Ones

  • My Focus

  • 360 Review Management

Goal management for Salesforce

Reach success by leveraging your company’s Salesforce implementation and using the best tool available to implement the Objectives and Key Results methodology within your organization.

Company goals and planning periods

Use our wizard to create your annual Company Goal and the Main Objectives of your organization.
Align and focus your team on the OKRs that are assigned to different periods.

Objectives & Key Results alignment

Set Top-Down or request Bottom-Up Objectives from your team that are always related to a manager’s or teammate’s Key Result. This ensures that everyone’s OKRs are aligned with the company’s goals.

Goal Tracking & Employee Performance Management for Salesforce

We expand the platform functionality with useful tools, all integrated within Salesforce.

Employee Performance Management

Understand how our team is performing, and plan your next steps with our 360 review features.

Sharing results & Follow-ups

Sharing results. My profile career aspirations. My profile career development component.

Planning review cycles

Timeline management for reviews. Department and roles assignment. Notification management.

Designing review

Question templates and questions per role.

Reviews execution

Notifications. Feedback and Questionnaire wizard. Analytics and dashboard.

Best Accounting Integration Management

Integrate Axy7 Currency Updater with FinancialForce, CPQ and Vlocity Accounting objects.
Enhance your financial management capabilities and make data reconciliation simple.

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