In some Salesforce Organizations, Salesforce doesn’t allow to updating a currency due to external reasons to CUP (Currency Updater PRO). In this case, a Currency Updater Log with KO status will appear for each currency, with the following error “…can’t be updated on SF. Error: …”. This error occurs when Salesforce has to do multiple recalculations in many records with currency field. When these recalculations are in progress, Salesforce doesn’t allow to updating the remaining currencies.

Should this problem arise, we have already implemented a new feature that fixes it. Until all the currencies configured and located in the selected source are updated, CUP will execute the update process every 5 minutes for the number of hours selected on the section “Advanced Setup” of the “Currency Updater Setup” tab, as maximum (5 hours default). You will see several records of the Currency Updater Log, one for each retry.

When you are getting this error, you need to take into account that the currency update will be delayed for some hours. Please, schedule the update within a sufficient time frame.