How Currecy Updater Scheduler works?

1. What is the Currency Updater Application Scheduler?

The Currency Updater Application Scheduler is a feature that allows users to schedule automatic updates for currency exchange rates within Salesforce. This tool is vital for businesses dealing with multiple currencies, providing the automation needed to maintain financial accuracy.

2. How can I schedule currency updates using the Scheduler?

To schedule currency updates, navigate to the Scheduler settings within the Currency Updater Application. You can select from three scheduling options—daily, weekly, or monthly. After configuring your desired settings, click the “Save & Run” button to apply and activate the schedule.

3. What do the different scheduling frequencies mean, and how can I set them up?

Daily:Example 1: To receive updates every day at 03:00 AM, select ‘Daily’ frequency and set the start hour to 03:00. Your CRON expression will be set to trigger updates at this specific time each day.
Example 2: For updates at 11:00 PM daily, choose ‘Daily’ and specify the start hour as 23:00. This will ensure updates are processed late at night.Weekly:

Example 1: To update every Monday at 04:00 AM, select ‘Weekly’ frequency, and choose a date that falls on a Monday, like 5/4 if it’s a Monday. Specify the start time as 04:00.
Example 2:If you prefer updates every Friday at noon, set the frequency to ‘Weekly,’ select a start date that is a Friday, and set the start time to 12:00.


Example 1: For updates on the 1st of every month at 05:00 AM, select ‘Monthly,’ set the start day as 1, and the start time as 05:00.
Example 2: To receive updates on the 15th of every month at 10:00 PM, choose ‘Monthly,’ and specify the day as 15 and the hour as 22:00.

4. How does changing the schedule work?

You can change your scheduling settings at any time by revisiting the Scheduler settings. Adjust the frequency, start time, or day as required, and remember to click “Save & Run” to update and activate the new schedule immediately.

5. What is the importance of using the daily scheduling option?
We recommend using the daily scheduling option to ensure the highest level of financial accuracy. Frequent updates can capture even the smallest fluctuations in exchange rates, providing more accurate and up-to-date financial data, which is crucial for decision-making and reporting.

For any further assistance or inquiries about using the Currency Updater Application Scheduler, please feel free to contact our support team.