Axy OKR has several parameters for assessing the progress and achievement status of both Objectives and Key Results.

OBJECTIVES have several fields that indicate status and all of them are automatically calculated. The two main ones are Progress and Achievement.

  • PROGRESS (%). Indicates the percentage of progress based on the Progress of KRs and the weight of each KR in its contribution to the OBJECTIVE
    – Example: An OBJECTIVE with two KRs, one with 100% progress and a weight of 40% and another with 40% progress and a weight of 60% will result in an OBJECTIVE PROGRESS of 64%.
  • ACHIEVEMENT FORECAST. An indicator of the progress in relation to the elapsed time. If it is less than 100%, it indicates that there may be a risk of not reaching it
  • ACHIEVEMENT. This field is calculated automatically if desired, or assigned manually. It is an indicator of the progress of the OBJECTIVE. If it is automatic, it is calculated based on the Achievement forecast and the time remaining to reach the OBJECTIVE.