A very unique feature of Axy OKR is the possibility to automatically track and measure the progress of a Key Result by binding Salesforce reports to them.

You can set any aggregated report field of any report to the Key Result you want to track. A few examples:

  • Pipeline coverage, quota attainment, revenue amount… for Sales KRs
  • Average case time resolution, percentage of First Call Resolution… for Customer Care KRs
  • Number of MQLs, SEM efficiency by UTMs… for Marketing KRs
  • The number of New Distributors, revenue from Dealers… for Channel Sales KRs

Go through the following steps to bind a report to a Key Result

  • Browse to any Key Result page
  • Click on the Automation sub-tab
  • Toggle the Automation Mode switch on
  • Search the report you want to bind
  • Select the Aggregate Field of the report you want to use to track the Key Result
  • A success message will appear as Axy OKR is running the report and updating the result

Go to this How to…  for a short video showing how to bind a report to a Key Result.

Important note: Axy OKR runs the report using the objective’s owner user. This means that visibility sharing settings are applied, so the data gathered from the report is the correct one for every Key Result owner.
In addition, if you are contributor’s type responsible and the OKRs type is set as Team, you can manually refresh any key result report bound.