In Axy OKR you have three Permission Sets to assign to users with different functions and permissions:

  • Axy OKR – User. Every user that will have standard access to the app including every app object, mainly Objectives and Key Results.
  • Axy OKR – C-Level User. This permission is designed for C-Level people, Directors, Managers… the members with responsibility for managing the organization. These users will have the same access as an Axy OKR – User but with Full Access to Company Goal records including View All and Modify All permissions.
  • Axy OKR – Admin User. With this permission set, the assigned user will have the same access as an Axy OKR – User, with the ability to access and set up the app in the Setup tab.

Important note: You have to assign at least one Axy OKR – Admin User and one Axy OKR – C-Level User permission set.

You can add several permission sets to the same user. As an example, you can assign Axy OKR – Admin User and Axy OKR – C-Level User to an user.

To assign them, follow the next steps for each of the three Axy OKR permission sets:

  • Go to Setup
  • Find for Permission Sets
  • Click on any of the Axy OKR permission sets and then Manage Assignments
  • Click on Add Asignments
  • You will access the list of users in your Salesforce org. Check the boxes of the users you want to assign that permission set and click Assign