In order to uninstall Axy OKR, there are two processes that must be manually disabled first.

  • Go to Setup
  • Find for Process Builder
  • Deactivate Axy OKR Objective and Axy OKR Period

Axy OKR also has a Flow that must be disabled. 

  • Go to Setup
  • In Quick Find, look for Flows. You will see Quick KR Creation
  • Click on the Drop-Down list at the right and select View Details and Versions
  • Deactivate the flow

If you have already been using the app, you have probably assigned the Axy OKR Permission sets. Prior to uninstalling Axy OKR, you have to remove the assignments of every permission set.

  • Go to Setup
  • Search for Permission Sets
  • Click on any of the Axy OKR permission sets and then Manage Assignments
  • Click on Add Assignments
  • You will access the list of users in your Salesforce org. Check the boxes of the users you want to remove that permission set from and click Remove Assignments

Now you can uninstall the package:

  • Go to Setup
  • Search for Installed Packages
  • Click on Uninstall link near to the Axy OKR Management package

Please read the information provided by the uninstall process, taking into account what you want to do with the data you created while you were using the app.

If you want to save a copy of your data, please select the option “Save a copy of this package’s data for 48 hours after uninstall” and you will receive an email to save your data locally.