Employee Performance Management

Understand how our team is performing, and plan your next steps with our 360 review features.

Sharing results & Follow-ups

Sharing results. My profile career aspirations. My profile career development component.

Planning review cycles

Timeline management for reviews. Department and roles assignment. Notification management.

Designing review

Question templates and questions per role.

Reviews execution

Notifications. Feedback and Questionnaire wizard. Analytics and dashboard.

Best Accounting Integration Management

Integrate Axy7 Currency Updater with FinancialForce, CPQ and Vlocity Accounting objects.
Enhance your financial management capabilities and make data reconciliation simple.

A Salesforce performance insight tool

Enhance performance with tailored feedback and integration.

Get a better understanding of how well your employees are performing by leveraging your organization’s Salesforce implementation and using the best tool available to perform 360-degree employee performance reviews

Unlock the power of employee performance with our comprehensive management modules and features. Enable Self Feedback for personal growth, gather insights with Manager Feedback, foster collaboration through Peer Feedback, and empower leadership with Subordinate Feedback. Tailor evaluations with Custom Questions and Questionnaires, set up Review Cycles for continuous improvement, and seamlessly integrate with Axy OKR for streamlined goal alignment.

360 Degree Performance Reviews

Get a complete overview of the performance of your employees via self-assessments and feedback not only from their managers, but also from their peers and subordinates.

Custom Questions & Questionnaires

Create your own questions and questionnaires for your employees to complete in order to get the best possible feedback about their performance. This ensures that the feedback is tailored to your organization and business.

Review Cycles

Evaluate the performance of your employees consistently by creating review cycles to perform 360-degree performance reviews on a regular basis. This provides a better overview of their performance than the typical annual review.

Axy OKR Integration

Axy Employee Management comes included with Axy OKR and is fully integrated to provide you with access to your employees’ objectives and key results. By combining both tools, you can ensure the professional growth of your employees by creating career goals in the form of OKRs.


The feedback module is where employees, managers, subordinates and others will provide feedback during a review cycle. The Questionnaire tab will show the questions defined on the template for this review. You will also be able to see the employee OKRs for the period, the OKR cycle they are on, the key results and the progress he has achieved on every single OKR with a progress bar and a percentage.

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