Axy OKR  1.12  Release for Remote Teams

A new monthly release. For this version, we decided to help our customers by focusing on the needs for the new normal world where most teams are working remotely due to COVID-19.

What is new

We are releasing several new features and improvements. The most relevant are:

One on One

Description: In order to have good communication within your team, we have added a completely new module to handle regular One on One meetings, helping ensure that your team gets the proper personal interaction that working from home for extended periods of time requires.

  1. Organizer / Guest selection
  2. Calendar synchronization and integration with Outlook and Google Calendar
  3. Recurrent automation
  4. Talking points management
  5. Invite and Reminder notifications
  6. Current OKR context for the meeting
  7. Reports and Dashboard for analytics about Management/Individual interactions

Check-in & Pulse

Description: To increase employee engagement and adoption of the OKR practice, we have created a new module with check-in push notifications and a quick OKR review wizard. This new module also tracks the pulse of the employee’s satisfaction.

  1. OKR quick update Wizard (designed for Salesforce Mobile)
    1. Achievement Status 
    2. Key Results 
  2. Pulse Tracker
  3. Push mobile notifications and email notification
  4. Employee engagement tracker: Planned/Opened/Completed Weekly Check-in
  5. Reports & Dashboard for analytics about Employee Satisfaction Pulse and general engagement 


  • Automation Log Cleaning: In order to keep storage usage low, any Axy OKR Logs older than one week are now automatically deleted. In addition, a button to manually force log cleaning was added to the setup page. 
  • Custom Public Group: Now we support custom public groups to handle the public visibility of the users that participate in the OKR practice. In addition, Org Hierarchy was also added in the setup page to easily pick any public group that you have defined in your Salesforce Organization.

Check the releases notes for more information and follow the upgrade instructions in order to get the latest features working properly.

What was fixed

  • Open Key Results and Convert to Child Objective was not working for “list view”.
  • Clean Preselected aggregated field in Report Binding was not working.
  • Objective Evolution stat grouped by day improvement.
  • Catch error on Org without AllInternalUsers Public group and use custom group.
  • When a Key Result bound to a report for automatic tracking changes to TODO Type, the bound report is cleaned.
  • Automatic Achievement on Completed Objective calculation was wrong for some cases.

What is coming in 1.15

We work in agile mode so we are not entirely sure when this version will be released or what will be included in it, but as a best practice, the Axy Dev Team tries to keep a regular cycle of monthly releases. In our roadmap, the next priorities are:

  • OKR management UX enhancements
  • CFR: Scoring wizard
  • Team Management
  • CFR: 360 Reviews Performance Management
Remember that Axy OKR is free for 30 days so give it a try on appexchange!
Axy Team