Axy OKR comparison table

There are dozens of OKR software out there and while many of them have a lot to offer, none of them compare to Axy OKR.  This is because Axy OKR is completely built within Salesforce which means it inherits many of Salesforce’s benefits.  Add in all the best OKR software features and a dedicated support team and you have a winning solution! Find out how we compare to all other OKR software in the table below.

Axy OKR vs. All Other OKR SoftwareAxy OKRAll Other
OKR Software
Ease of OKR adoption for a Salesforce org

Axy OKR is an internal Salesforce application which means it has the same look and feel as Salesforce itself.
This makes adopting OKRs in your org easy due to the small learning curve.
All other OKR software is designed separately, meaning there is a whole new system for your employees to learn.

High-level data security

Since Axy OKR is a part of Salesforce, your data never leaves Salesforce's state of the art high-security servers.
With all other OKR software, your data gets exported to unknown external servers that may not be as secure.

High-level platform reliability

Axy OKR is hosted within Salesforce, you never have to worry about potential server issues thanks to Salesforce's 99.9% uptime rate.
All other OKR software uses external servers that may not be as reliable.

Use of existing Salesforce customizations

As a Salesforce application, Axy OKR allows you to utilize the custom fields and permission sets that you have already defined for your org
within Salesforce. This is not possible with all other OKR software.

Collaboration with Chatter

Similarly, this also means that Chatter is available for use throughout Axy OKR.
This makes it easy to discuss and comment on any OKR, company goal, period, task, or one-on-one using your
existing Chatter profiles. This is not possible with all other OKR software.

OKR progress automation using Salesforce reports

While some other OKR software competitors allow you to automate your OKR progress using Salesforce reports,
it often requires a technical integration setup in the backend. Axy OKR has this feature built-in right out-of-the-box with no setup required.

Ability to customize the solution

Salesforce is extremely customizable and as a result, so is Axy OKR.
You are able to add custom fields throughout Axy OKR just like you would for any other part of your Salesforce org.
Some other OKR software competitors also have customization features, but they can be complicated.

Analytics with reports & dashboards

One benefit of being a part of Salesforce is the ability to create Salesforce reports and dashboards for your OKRs.
Some other OKR software competitors also allow you to create reports and dashboards for your OKRs,
but they are not affiliated with Salesforce.

Full mobile support

While some other OKR software competitors may have created their own apps for their solutions, many are only web-based.
On the other hand, Axy OKR has full mobile support and can be accessed through Salesforce's mobile app.

OKR Hierarchy View

A very useful way to see all the OKRs in your organization is by viewing them in a hierarchy and Axy OKR's
intuitive Tree View allows you to do just that. Not every other OKR software competitor will offer this feature.

Consistent feature enhancements & additions

The Axy7 team is committed to consistently improving Axy OKR with monthly releases that include both new features and
functionalities as well enhancements and bug fixes. This may not be the case for every other OKR software competitor.

OKR & Company Goal Wizard

For those that need a little guidance when it comes to creating new OKRs and company goals, Axy OKR provides a wizard to help you
every step of the way. Other OKR software competitors may leave you in the dark.

Weekly Check-Ins & One-on-Ones

For successful adoption of OKRs within any organization, weekly check-ins and one-on-ones are key.
Axy OKR allows you to ensure your team is focused and committed on their OKRs with these two features.
Other OKR software competitors may not offer these features.

API first architecture integrations

Axy-OKR is developed within the Salesforce Platform inheriting all the technical benefits like exposing
REST and SOAP APIs for all the data and actions in the most secure and reliable way.
This enables the application to be easily integrated with any external solution like JIRA, SAP, and many others.

Product demo available

If you need a personalized demo of our solution, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.
Whereas many other OKR software competitors only offer videos and user manuals, we can give you your own personalized tour of Axy OKR.

Free trial available

Not every other OKR software competitor will offer a free trial, but we are willing to let you test out Axy OKR for 30 days for free
to ensure that it is the right fit for you and your organization. Just get in touch with our team and we can make that happen for you!