Goal Planning Best Practices for newbies in Salesforce:

As the new year approaches most of us to start planning our next year. An important part of this process is setting goals that we want to achieve. Unfortunately, most companies and people tend to fail because the goals have been set with unrealistic expectations that make them unreachable. To help you improve your goal setting skills we have created this list with 5 best practices for you:

1. Start by understanding where you are and where you want to be

An assessment of what you have done and to determine what needs to be done differently to make your goal a reality is key. Figuring out where you want to be might be challenging, however, you must find a middle ground between being realistic and hopeful. Our advice, be bold, do not set the bar too low, this will actually set you back on your goals.

2. Milestones, Milestones, Milestones

Bold goals take time to be achieved since they aim high. The best practice advised by experts is to break your goals down into smaller and easy to understand steps and create a simple path that helps you stay on track and achieve your goals. This will help you set short, mid, and long term goals clearly. Remember goals without a time frame become wishes.

3. Track and measure your progress

As you create milestones keep in mind you must include a metric to evidence that you have made progress. Be as specific as possible, the more specific you are the clearer it will be for you to understand if you have achieved your goal. Describe your measure as simple as possible. Making it confusing or complex will not help you engage with specific activities to make your goal a reality.

4. Just keep on learning

A very important aspect of goals is learning. Usually, the attention is focused on accomplishments, but even from failed goals lessons can be learned that are vital to grow and develop in every sense. This will prove to be even more powerful than goal-setting itself.

5. Trust in a champion

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and for sure they didn’t do it by themselves. It is important to trust in a “Champion” to ask for guidance. They are always members of our team with long experience and they can help you to define your objectives and also to track and improve them week after week.

Most companies fail to hit their objectives because the plan ends up in a spreadsheet where it is lost forever, with Axy OKR you can ensure your company goals are ambitious, actionable, time-bound with key results that have measurable metrics directly on Salesforce and aligned with every employee objective in your company. We have a wizard built-in that will guide you through all the process of setting the company goal and its periods. Our recommendation for your company is to have two active periods, an annual and a quarterly period.

Remember that Axy OKR is free for 30 days so give it a try on appexchange!
Axy Team