Salesforce: how to seek efficiency through alignment

2021/2022 Global Crisis

As we know, the world is facing one of the most difficult challenges since World War II.

First of all, the pandemic turned the economy and everyone’s lives upside down, and changed all our living standards. With a lot of effort and creativity, many companies had to reinvent themselves: the hybrid workplace culture had arrived.

But that was not the end of the story: the Russian invasion of Ukraine sent catastrophic shockwaves around the world, spreading and creating a perfect environment for a silent enemy: inflation.

“The impact of the war will contribute to the reductions forecast for 143 economies this year, which represent 86% of world GDP”


Right now, people and of course companies must fight against low incomes/budgets and higher energy and food prices.

Companies need to adapt, reduce costs, and staff or seek more efficiency. And the secret to efficiency is alignment.


OKR is first and foremost an alignment tool. But alignment can only happen when teams have structured conversations with each other to set priorities and solve interdependencies. Alignments affect entire teams and their assignments, so it’s important to avoid accidental changes to or loss of alignment details. 

Creating OKRs in isolation, without talking to others, is a widespread mistake. It usually prevents the team from achieving their OKRs by setting OKRs that are not feasible or defining OKRs that are overly optimistic due to the time needed by a third party to deliver a required action.

To avoid this mistake, OKR uses three different alignment mechanisms: Transparency, Shared OKRs, and 360º Alignment.

In Salesforce, Axy OKR extends the CRM capabilities to manage OKRS. In this video, you will find an example of the chief financial officer (CFO) of a company, and how Axy OKR makes it easy to keep team members aligned and ready to adapt to a constantly changing market.

Using OKRs can provide great value to a Salesforce-dependent business, but it’s important that the tool you’re considering is built entirely within Salesforce, to access several benefits:

  • The tool will inherit many of the benefits of Salesforce.
  • You will have an experienced support team to help you throughout the implementation.
  • All OKR progress will update automatically as your employees work on their daily tasks.
  • The adoption of OKR will be intuitive and easier.
  • Link reports to key results for automatic tracking.
  • All your data and security stay on one platform.

Axy OKR will provide you with the right tools to keep track of your OKRs and be ready to prevent, change or create new ones in order to adapt and be on the right path to success. Some features for that are:

  • Tree view
  • Planning and wrap-up
  • My Focus
  • One on ones
  • Review management

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