Hello Trailblazers!
We are excited to announce the new release of our Salesforce application Axy Validator which contains many improvements:
  • Checksum Validations: We have added to our validation engine a new type of rule. This allow us to add new rules to validate not only the value format but also the value correctness by checksum algorithms. Quite useful on several common numbers such us IBAN, Credit Card Number, Spain ID number (CIF) and many more.
  • Extending our Free library: We have added more than 10 new prebuilt rules to our Free validation library. The rules are: IBAN Format, IBAN Checksum, Irish PPS Number, Spanish CIF, Spanish NIE, and many more. Check our Validation Rules Library for more information.
  • UI Improvements: We also have implemented several UI improvements suggested by our customers.
As we mentioned before we strongly believe that data quality is a huge factor of business performance. Salesforce is the enterprise application leader and we are proud to keep advancing in our mission to help companies using Salesforce to improve their business.
Please check this version in the Appexchange and give us your feedback.
Now we are moving forward working on the full version focused on Data Quality. This application version will contain several remote validations to assure the existence of business numbers such as VAT. And will have as well several revolutionary methods to analyze the data quality of your salesforce organization.
Axy Team