OKR’s: when ideas are easy but the execution is everything

The quote of the guru of the OKR methodology John Doerr is clear: “Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.”

Let’s face that many companies failed to implement the OKR’s methodology, and the consequence of this failure is a waste of time, money, and resources. This post does not intend to “evangelize” about OKR’s or explain them (a thing that we do a lot), we just want you to understand that if you are implementing OKR’s in Salesforce, Axy OKR has your back.

A team of experts and more:

If you want to “play” for the first time with OKR’s you can download our FREE TRIAL from Appexchange. There, you will find the OKR basics and a step-by-step guide to create your first company goal, periods, objectives, key results, and more. Because Axy OKR is fully integrated with Salesforce you will find a friendly interface and your learning curve will be smoother.

Of course, you will have doubts and questions, but don’t worry because we have a support team ready to help you, and a complete user guide if you want to explore by yourself (coffee in hand).
After you feel more secure about Axy OKR, our sales team will also be at your disposal to have online meetings to show you success cases, demos and explain everything you need.

The final countdown

Once your company is ready for using Axy OKR, knowing how to create effective OKR’s is just as important if you want to ensure that your company goals are achieved.
There are many ways to learn how to create effective OKR’s, but if you want to get personalized training and make sure that your team is following all of the top OKR best practices, it is imperative that you learn from OKR experts. Axy OKR has partners and training programs for you so that your OKR’s are the best they can be.

So, rest assured that you will never be alone in each step of your OKR’s journey. As we said previously, If you want to successfully implement OKR’s within your Salesforce CRM, our sales department can introduce you to the basics and all the Axy OKR app features while our 24/7 support team can assist you with the app implementation.

Check out Axy OKR on the Appexchange and take advantage of the free 30-day trial to see if it’s right for your business!