Salesforce® is the # 1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world. Its cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and other areas do not require IT experts for configuration or management. Simply log in and start interacting with customers in an innovative way.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce pioneered the revolutionary idea of ​​replacing traditional desktop CRM software with CRM in the cloud, allowing it to be accessible anywhere at any time. Currently, its innovative cloud platform is the leading CRM solution worldwide.

Today more than 150.000 organizations trust in the Salesforce platform and its Services to run their most critical business processes.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce® is a cloud development platform that allows customers and partners to extend its basic functionalities safely and securely. Axy7 applications are built on the Salesforce platform. This means that solutions for business processes, as well as other complementary features, can easily be added and maintained in addition to Salesforce’s standard products.

The Salesforce Platform is built on a powerful architecture that is trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most regulated industries from insurance to healthcare. Org security, user security, programmatic security, trust, and visibility… everything is managed by Salesforce. As a result, Axy7 apps have the highest security and performance standards in the industry.

The Salesforce model provides clear boundaries between the platform and the applications that run on it. This eliminates the complexity and risk of entire hardware and software stacks that need to be maintained and managed for each application deployment and leaves Axy7 to focus on the development of the business value of its apps.
Axy7 is an ISV Certified Partner of Salesforce focused on adding value to the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Ecosystem

The Salesforce has followed the strategy of building a strong ecosystem around customer success for more than 20 years. Its main components are Customers, Developers, Partners and the App Store.

Salesforce Customers

Some 1.8 million Salesforce customers now contribute to its more than ten-year-old Success Community. This group serves as a place where customers can not only connect and answer each other’s questions but also give them feedback on what Salesforce can do better.


Modern developers range in experience levels, from the business user, to the hardcore coder. They give Salesforce devs, almost two million strong, a toolbox of App Cloud services they can use to build employee and customer apps fast, in any language.

Partners / ISVs

Salesforce has the largest partner ecosystem of any tech company in the world. Their customers can trust thousands of independent software vendors (ISVs), developers, consultants and system integrators (SIs).
They help drive innovation across companies and industries, and provide expertise and guidance for organizations looking to better connect with their customers.

App Store

The Salesforce AppExchange is the #1 enterprise app marketplace and features several thousand apps. In fact, more than 70% of Salesforce customers, from small businesses to enterprise companies, have installed at least one app from the AppExchange. In all, there have been more than 3 million app downloads.

Salesforce News

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