What is a 360 performance review? Can it be done in Salesforce?

A 360 review is a type of employee performance review that allows all employees and managers to provide feedback about a colleague’s performance. Unlike a typical employee performance review in which an employee’s work performance is evaluated only by their manager, a 360 review includes feedback from peers and subordinates, and in some cases even customers and other people who interact with the employee. Normally, this was only possible using 3rd party applications, but did you know that you can now do it all in Salesforce

With Axy Employee Management, 360 reviews can be performed easier than ever before.

360 reviews have been around for a while, however, HR departments still find them challenging. Some of the challenges include setting clear dates for the process, involving the right stakeholders, creating a logical questionnaire that doesn’t end up being yet another survey that employees ignore, and ensuring that the 360 review results in strategic decision making that increases both the performance of the entire company as well as individually.

With Axy Employee Management, setting up a 360 review is really simple. You can:

  • Define the start and end dates of the process, including due dates for tasks within the process i.e. Feedback due date
  • Identify and include the roles that have to be part of the review, with the possibility of excluding employees who are new to the company

Create customized questions that can have different types of answers like checkboxes and picklists, and most importantly group them in questionnaires that you can easily assign to the roles that have to answer them.

So how does a 360 review work? In a 360 review, feedback about an employee’s performance, skills, and contributions is requested from their peers, subordinates, and manager, and then shared with the employee. A typical mistake in 360 reviews is to focus on whether the work was accomplished rather than on how the employee affected the work of other employees

This is where Axy Employee Management is extremely useful as it leverages the power of Axy OKR to present objectives and up to date, relevant information about how the employee contributes to the achievement of the company’s goal during a determined period with their own OKRs. It is flexible enough to include both questions about the employee’s fit within the company culture as well as their own professional career development plan. (To learn more about career plans with OKRs, check out this post).

Not all employees are familiar with 360 reviews. One of the most common concerns people have with them is confidentiality during the entire process. Axy Employee Management takes care of this issue. Firstly, the participants in a review are only allowed to see the questions assigned to them which means that the employee won’t be able to see who is evaluating them and the evaluator won’t be able to see what the others are saying about the employee, removing the possibility of any biased answers. Additionally, a manager notes field has been created where the HR department and management can exchange notes confidentially if needed during the review.

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