Axy OKR  1.7  Spring 20 Release

A new release to keep supporting our customers’ success in their journey of OKRs practice

What is new

We are releasing several new features and improvements. The two more relevant are:

  • Inverse Progress: Now we support negative progress Key Result. more info…
  • Big Org Engine: Now our engine for automatic key result progress tracking support organizations with more than 5000 users, having more than 20 automatic key result actives. Up to 100k active key results. That means a lot of calculations 🤓

Check here the releases notes for more information and follow the upgrade instructions in order to get the last features working properly.

What was fixed

Nobody is perfect neither are we. But we care a lot to keep our quality to Enterprise level. Therefore this is a list of the patches and bugfixes done in this release:

  • Convert to Key Result from Detail view
  • Show permissions or unexpected error on Company wizard
  • Company Wizard support decimals
  • Key Result quick creation error on +80 characters name
  • Weight redistribution on Key Result cancellation
  • Dashboard Achievement forecast calculation
  • Error on TODO Key Result type amount calculation by reparenting

What is coming in 1.8

We work in agile mode so, we are not entirely sure what and when this is going to happen but as a best practice Axy Dev Team tries to keep a cadency of monthly releases. In our roadmap next priorities are:

  • Filters Improvement for Tree View
  • Standard List View for high volume
  • Check-In Wizard and Notifications supporting Mobile
  • Gantt view for periods
  • Adoption Dashboard and remainders
Finally, remember that our app is free for 30 days. Give it a try on appexchange
Axy Team