Hello Trailblazers!
We are excited to announce the new release of our Salesforce application Axy Validator which contains several new features:
  • New validation rule, VAT Europe OneField: Includes all the European Union countries and as well the rest of countries in Europe that, not belonging to the European Union, have published their respective VAT Number formats:
      • Switzerland
      • Albania
      • Andorra
      • Iceland
      • Belarus
      • Liechtenstein
      • San Marino
      • Serbia
      • Macedonia
      • Ukrania
      • Moldova or Bosnia & Herzegovina have no published format yet.
      • We have included as well Russia, not Europe, for convenience.

With this new rule, most of the companies will be able to validate company and organization VATs using one only field for every country they are doing business. Check our Validation Rules Library for more information.

  • Axy Validator now includes a very useful new feature: the possibility to bypass the validation rules for a register, using a field that you create in the object. Please read our blog post explaining how to use it.
Please check this version in the Appexchange and give us your feedback.
Axy Team