We just released a new feature in Axy Validator where any Salesforce admin is able to configure a Bypass for pre-build validations such us IBAN or VAT.

Now Axy validator is checking if a special field named AxyValidator_ByPass__c exists and which value it has. If you need to run any of our prebuild validations, but some times you need to exclude a record from being validated, now you are able to create a ByPass Field that will tell us when to run our validations.

The field AxyValidator_ByPass__c needs to be Boolean and our recommendation is to create it as formula field. By doing that you will be able to handle some business logic.


Let’s say that you only need to check the Social Security Number in contact records where the RecordType is “Employee”.
Just by creating a formula field named AxyValidator_ByPass__c that contains the next logic, Axy Validator will exclude the records that are not Employee:


Enjoy 🙂
Axy Team